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Thread: What is the name of this spider?

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    What is the name of this spider?

    This spider was walking on the outside of my house on the afternoon of May 9. I live in
    Bucks County, PA along the Delaware River. I tried to identify it through pictures but
    the closest I got was a "wall spider" of some sort. Thank you.
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    Nice image, thank you for sharing! You were close with your own identification. The "Gray Wall Jumper" looks very similar. The one in your image is another kind of jumping spider without a common (English) name. It goes by Platycryptus undatus. This species can be common on exterior walls of barns, fenceposts, tree trunks, and other vertical surfaces. Jumping spiders hunt "on foot" instead of building webs to catch prey. No jumping spider species is considered to be dangerously venomous to people or pets, so rest easy :-)


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