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Thread: Need spider ID on big fuzzy red spider

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    Need spider ID on big fuzzy red spider

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    I live in Baltimore, Maryland and after a series of violent storms that passed through the east coast a lot of sticks and huge logs had fallen down in my yard. At the time my father was not in good health to help me haul all this debris to the dump. Last Saturday on August 18 we finally were able to load all the logs and sticks away. While we were doing this I saw this spider running away from a log we had moved. He caught my eye because he was so bright and fuzzy . I would really really appreciate anyone that could help me with identifying this spider, I have not been able to find any information on it. The picture would have been closer but this spider was really fast. Thank you for the help.

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    That appears to be Neoscona crucifera, a Spotted Orb Weaver and one of several spiders known as a Barn Spider. They're mostly nocturnal and make large webs at night and take them down every morning. Their bite is not considered medically significant and they prey on real pests like mosquitoes.
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