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Thread: Unknown spider with a shiny silver back

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    Unknown spider with a shiny silver back

    I found this one while I was moving a metal table. There was a web inside one of the legs but I'm not sure if it was his/hers or they just happened to be there when I loaded the table. I actually found it after I ate lunch I decided to unload the table and it had a single web strand in between the table legs. It was found in southern Montana. I tried to Google silver backed spiders and it kept coming up with silver argiope but they did not seem to match my photos. I let him/her go out back but I have never seen a spider with such a shiny back.

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    You are on the right track! This is actually a specimen of the "Banded Argiope," Argiope trifasciata. Here's our guide page on this species:

    Note that individual spiders can vary dramatically in color and pattern, and vary with age as well. Your specimen is probably immature.


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