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    Spider - North Idaho

    I found this spider crawling across the closet door, and have never seen anything like it. It doesn't look like normal wolf or hobo spiders that we have up here. It's about 1-inch long and there was no web to be found, it has black and orange striped legs and two triangular orange spots on it's abdomen, it was just crawling the walls before it got squished. I live in Coeur d'Alene ID. Just wondering what it is and if it's dangerous... I don't really want to run into any more of them in this new house but I want to be prepared if I do.

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    It's difficult to identify a spider in this condition, and I'm not an expert, but I believe that this may be a ground spider (family Gnaphosidae).

    Ground spiders are active hunters, so they wouldn't be found in or near a web. (They may, however, spend the day in a silken retreat.)

    No species of ground spider is dangerous to humans or pets. They are great at pest control, so the best course of action is to relocate them outside.
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